Bob’s Nightmare Tennis

This was my entry to the 2017 Rising Star Competition. I successfully passed the a C++ coding test via HackerRank before proceeding to this round. The competition provided a bare bones unity project that I had to utilise to make a game from. Bob’s Nightmare tennis is a simple tennis game using the keyboard for movement and the mouse to move the racket. Totems on your opponents side of the court spawn grenades which blow holes in the court. You need to bat these back and attempt to knock the totems off the court to prevent more grenades spawning. This is done while trying to win the game of tennis.

This was one of my first complete games using unity. I was responsible for the programming, game design and art. I created some of the sound and sourced the rest online. A key requirement was utilising the existing code supplied and integrating this into my project. This was a excellent learning opportunity and I got useful feedback for my game and ended up placing 19th in the competition.

Skills: C#, Unity Engine, Source Control (git)

Download: Page

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