Copious Couriers

Copious Couriers was developed over one semester as a jam style challenge as part of the Abertay Game Development Society. The design of the game is based on an Oregon Trail style game with an element of parody. The player will encounter events and must make choices in order to maintain their health over the long journey. An example of the weather transitions is shown below:


I was a programmer as part of a team of 5. The game was made using Gamemaker Studio. I was responsible for programming the Main Menu System (Start menu, Intro screen, Quit menu and Credits), Level Generation (Randomly changing backgrounds, objects and weather to create different environments such as plain, desert, forest and mountain), High Score System (Viewed during play as a tombstone to mark previous progress using file loading/saving).

Skills: GameMaker, Game Maker Language (GML), Source Control (Git).


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