Crisis Management Simulator

This is a Project created from my third year professional module working as a multidisciplinary team working with Coca Cola HBC. I was team leader and programmer for the project and submitted the project to the international serious play awards where it was awarded Gold for 2019.

As a programmer I was responsible for the design of the Dialogue System integrating the use of Twine into the team workflow. I worked with the other programmer in developing the overall architecture for creating a system capable of driving logic from these dialogue choices. I was also tasked with creating an editor into Unity to support the work flow with the intention of allowing the client, who is the subject matter expert, to create their own scenarios. I was responsible for documenting my technical design in a technical design document.

Example screen from the prototype editor

As team lead I was responsible for liaising with the client regularly to provide updates and discuss feedback. I organised a serious game jam on behalf the of client which I ran at Abertay with support from the team. I was also responsible for the application to the Serious Play Awards which was funded by the University.

The client was impressed with our work and saw the potential for the project. They funded a summer internship for the team to continue developing the prototype over the summer.

Skills: C#, Unity, Unity Editor, Source Control, Documentation

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